The SprintAir Group has been rendering specialist air transport services , including air cargo and passenger carriage on the basis both scheduled and ad hoc charter operations, for nearly 13 years.

Our main areas of our business include air cargo services, scheduled passenger carriage, air charter operations, aircraft maintenance  as well as the training of pilots and aviation security officers.

As a group we have come to utilize Europe’s biggest fleet of freighter SAABs 340 which is making us one of the leaders in the Polish air cargo segment. Our fleet is further supplemented by two ATRs-72F with loadability of 8 tonnes.



With the growing of our passenger fleet and the continuous development of the passenger route network we have become a passenger regional carrier offering a variety of destinations from Polish and European airports such Warsaw Chopin Airport, Berlin Tegel, Prague, Zielona Góra/Babimost, Olsztyn-Mazury or Radom.