Passenger charters

Passenger charters

We offer passenger charters for customers who look for customised air transport solutions, we provide the fastest and most flexible transport of organised groups within Europe, North Africa and some countries of the Middle East.

To our customers, we offer Saab340 aircraft which can take up to 33 passengers on board. The Saab340 is a highly reliable turboprop aircraft of a regional range that guarantees convenient transport and comfort on board.

The cabins of our Saabs underwent a major modernisation in 2018, as part of which, i.a., the latest in its class seats were installed that ensure a high level of comfort for passengers, even on long flights.

During flights, our passengers are accompanied by professional cabin crew. We also provide catering, which can be individually adapted to the expectations of our customers.

When full, the Saab340 aircraft has a range of approximately 880 km (1:45h flight) and up to 2600 km with 16 passengers on board. The distances can be significantly increased by making an additional stopover.

Our most frequent customers are:

– companies that organise business trips for a large number of employees
– companies that organise transport to events
– sports teams and clubs
– music bands
– travel agencies
– public and government officials
– VIPs
– other organised groups

We also offer our aircraft for long-term projects, regular freight services and ACMI lease agreements.

The flights of our aircraft are monitored 24 hours a day by a professional operational team, their technical performance is supervised by a team of mechanics and the necessary inspections, as well as maintenance works, are done in a modern hangar.

We also provide our customers with 24/7 assistance from commercial consultants who can arrange an urgent charter even within 2 hours after the flight is confirmed.

No. of seats
Maximum take-off weight
12 970 kg
19,73 m
7,97 m
Wing span
21,44 m
Maximum range (16 pax)
2 600 km
Maximum range (max. payload)
880 km

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