Airport check-in

Check-ins open 1,5 hours before departure and close 35 minutes before scheduled departure time.
Passengers are requested to present a valid ID document (ID card or passport) and are issued a boarding pass.

Airport location

Zielona Góra/Babimost Airport  is a regional airport located  in western Poland. It lies 10 km from the town of Sulechów, and 35 km  northeast of the Zielona Góra city centre.



Planning a trip to Zielona Góra ? Make sure you visit the following:

1. The Palm House – situated on Wine Hill, which offers a spectacular panoramic view of the city, it is the home for more than 200 species of exotic plants including huge date palms. An aquarium full of colorful fish is another attraction. There’s a restaurant and a café that offer a wide selection of meals and beverages.

2. The Old City. The focal point of the town is the Town Hall, located in the Old Market Square. Dating back to the fifteenth century it is an interesting piece of historical architecture. The Old Town is a good starting point for a little stroll in Zielona Góra’s city centre.

3. Mount Tatra. For walking in the summer, and skiing! in the winter. It can boast a 200-meter hill ski lift.

4. The Museum of Wine. What better place to learn the interesting history of the Region’s main export produce, the drink of gods – wine? For more information visit:

5. The Ethnographic Museum in Zielona Gora. Based in Ochla, the open-air museum is  definitely worth a visit. On an area of 13 ha there have been collected more than 60 historic rural buildings, including a wine tower. For more information visit: