As a group we have come to utilize Europe’s biggest fleet of freighter SAABs 340. Currently 10 of our aircraft operate in cargo configuration (7 are full freighters and 3 QC – depending on our Customers needs they can be operated either in pax or in cargo configuration) and another 2 are passenger airplanes. Our fleet is further supplemented by five ATRs-72F with the capacity of more than 8 tonnes and one 66-seater passneger ATR aircraft.

Every year SprintAir’s aircraft:

  • perform over 5.5 thousand flight operations
  • fly the distance of nearly 1.4 million nautical miles
  • spend over 7ooo hours in the air
  • transport  7 thousand tonnes of the freight

Saab 340A – Cargo

Number of aircraft 7
Maximum payload 3 850 kg
The maximum volume of cargo 35,8 m3

Saab 340A – Quick Change

Number of aircraft 3
Maximum payload 3 500 – 3 850 kg
The maximum volume of cargo 35,8 m3
The number of passenger seats 34

Saab 340A – PAX

Number of aircraft 2
The number of passenger seats 33
The maximum range 2 600 km
Maximum distance with 33 passengers on board 900 km


Number of aircraft 5
Maximum payload 8300 kg
The maximum volume of cargo 72 m3



Number of aircraft 1
Number of passenger seats 66
Maximum range  3 240 km