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Widok na rynek starego miasta Praga,Czechy.

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its uniquely preserved historical centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992, reflects eleven centuries of history. This culturally rich city of fabulous monuments charms visitors not only with its impessive and diverse architecture and breath-taking views, but also its intimate, romantic atmosphere that is ideal for long walks. Prague is a city (not just classical)music and art, found here at every step a city of gardens and parks, and last but not least, a city where the best beer in the world is brewed and savored.

Prague Higlights

Castle District and Surrounding Areas
Prague castle – Prague 1, Prague Castle has been an important symbol if the Czech state for more then a thousand years. It was founded in the 9th century and become the seat of Czech rulers and later presidents. The castle, one of the largest complexes in the world, is made up of historical palaces, offices, church and fortification buildings, gardens, and picturesque spots, such as the famous Golden Line.

Main historical buildings od Prague castle
Cathedral of St.Vitus, St. Wenceslas and St. Adalbert
The Gothic cathedral, the spiritual symbol of the Czech state, was established in 1344 on the site of the original Romanesque rotunda. The construction took nearly 600 years and was finally completed in 1929. Its impessive interior is home to such wonders as the beautifully decorated St. Wenceslas Chapel with the tomb of St. Wenceslas, the crypt where Czech kings are buried, and the Crow Chamber, where the Crown Jewels are kept.


Old Royal Place
This place was the seat of Bohemian princes and kings until the 16th century. It is built on the remains of the Romanesque Sobeslav Palace. Most notable is the Gotic Vladislav Hall – the larges secular spaces of medieval Prague (1487-1500, Benedikt Rejt) with remarkable rib vaulting, today the venue for ceremonial state events.

St. George’s Basilica
The oldest preserved church building at Prague Castle and the best preserved example od Romanesque architecture in Bohemia. Built around the year 920 by Prince Vratislav I rebuilt in the 12th century it now has a Baraque façade from the 17th century. Of significance is the chapel of St. john of Nepomuk and the chapel of St. Ludmila grandmother of St. Wanceslas, and the first Czech Christian martyr.

Chapel of the Holy Cross
Built from 1758 to 1763 by architect Anselmo Lurago. The chapel was rebuilt in the mid-19th century in the Classicist style. It is often also called the Treasury – in the early 1960s, it was turned into an exhibition space displaying the rarest object of the St. Vitus treasure which contains 139 reliquaries and liturgical object of high historic and artistic value.

Karlsbrcke, Prag

Golden Lane
These small houses were built into the castle’s Gothic fortifications. Castle marksmen and artisans lived here during the 16th century. Franz Kafka lived and worked in house no. 22 from 1916 to 1917. In 2010, Golden Lane underwent a comprehensive renovation

Prague Castle picture Gallery

Built in 1960s on the site of the former stables. The collection consists of works from the remains of the ‘’Rudolfian” collections and from later periods (old German and Dutch Renaissance masters, the Italian Renaissance and Mannerism, Baroque art).

Royal Summer Palace of Queen Anna
The purest example of Renaissance architecture in Prague, dating from 1538 to 1560 designed Paolo della Stella, completed by the architect Bonifaz Wohlmut. In the garden, you can find Singing Fountain, made from bell metal stuck by falling drops of water , the work of Tomas Jaros (1564-1568). Exhibition hall.

Ball Games Room
Renaissance building decorated with sgraffito located in the Royal Grden. Used for exhibition and concerts

Prague Castle Riding School
Baroque building from the last 17th century. The riding School is a venue for significant exhibitions.

Prague Castle Garden
See the section “Prague Garden and Scenic Views”

Changing of the Guard
The changing of the guard at the Castle takes place every hour. 7:00-20:00 (summer) and 7:00-18:00 (winter) 12:00 – with fanfare and exchange of standards in the First castle courtyard.

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